The conceptual basis of my work starts with sculptural works created out of materials that are commonly used to build sound and steady structures. Materials such as drywall, plywood, cinderblocks and plaster visually inspire a raw beginning to use within compositions in space. These compositions are both physically and visually fragile and unbelievable; each piece is meticulously balanced to create compositions that conflate structures and ruins.

This conflation continues within the video and performance pieces in which I am using fragments of non-personal appropriated home movies to create a sensation of loosing ground and disruption. In both mediums I am interested in our preoccupation with permanence and preservation. Pixels, like dust, are just accumulations of history that remain behind in insignificantly large numbers.

I move, apply and manipulate this accumulation. My drawing practice is process based, thinking about applying graphite to a surface as a type of performance, which once completed, categorized and displayed exists only as an artifact of my memory. This type of indulgence and physical endurance required in recreating details brings to light our endless futile obsession with remembering and documenting.

The drawings and video pieces contrast raw building materials with labor-intensive tasks to display a physical vulnerability to the viewer. Witnessing the exhaustion of material and the fragility of structure brings forward our discomfort with change but aims to shift the perspective of loss.